About Lifetime Arts

Founded in 2008, Lifetime Arts is a nonprofit arts service organization that offers a positive, modern, artistic and social lens through which to serve, inspire and engage America’s growing population of older adults.


Our mission is to encourage creative aging by promoting the inclusion of professional arts programs in organizations that serve older adults; to prepare artists to develop the creative capacity of older adult learners; and to foster lifelong learning in and through the arts by increasing opportunities for participation in community based programming.

Our approach releases provider and participant from outdated stereotypes that define older people as needy, incapable or frail. While we partner with and advocate for creative aging initiatives that serve all people within this range, we focus on serving independent adults interested in exploring creative expression in a social group setting.

Artistic/Cultural Vision

Lifetime Arts’ cultural vision is one that fully embraces “positive aging” – with the arts at the core. Rather than perceiving aging as a period of inevitable decline and loss, “positive aging” proponents celebrate growing older as a time of life ripe with the potential for personal growth, enhanced well-being and civic engagement.

Lifetime Arts envisions a network of teaching artists and arts organizations trained to create and deliver meaningful programming for and with older adults in a variety of settings. We see a community where teaching artists and their community partners share a vision for positive aging, bringing complementary strengths to designing and implementing arts programs for older adults while creating new resources to improve the quality of life among a growing segment of the population.

We envision networks of community, arts, social service and government leaders who understand the value of arts participation for older adults, who work together to initiate, plan and deliver effective arts programs in their communities.

We see increased opportunities for older adults to discover or re-discover their creative capacities and for teaching artists and arts organizations to expand their reach.

Through the implementation and dissemination of model creative aging programs, and Lifetime Arts’ capacity building and resource initiatives, we envision a shift from the routine, passive entertainment offerings of community organizations to the implementation of programs that actively engage older adults in in-depth learning.

Because creative aging is at the intersection of health, senior services and community arts, we envision new funding streams becoming available to support the work.

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