Creative Aging Foundations On Demand from Lifetime Arts Launches March 28th, 2023 for FREE!

Get ready to learn on your own time and at no cost. Our course is designed for individuals and institutions seeking to run successful and participatory artmaking programming for older adults.

Not only is the course free and self-paced, but you’ll also be able to explore the content in whatever order you choose. Prepare to freely dive into the 6 learning modules, which include nearly 80 videos that detail the program model, demonstrate creative aging classes, and feature interviews, case discussions, and programming examples with experts in the field. To learn more about this course, please visit our course promotional site at Make sure to check back here on March 28th to access the course.



Founded in 2008, Lifetime Arts is a nonprofit arts service organization that offers a positive, modern, artistic and social lens through which to serve, inspire and engage America’s growing population of older adults. Our approach rejects outdated stereotypes that define older people as needy, incapable or frail. While we partner with and advocate for creative aging initiatives that serve all older adults (55+), our work focuses on serving independent adults interested in exploring creative expression in a social group setting. Our mission has 3 main components:

1. Encourage creative aging by promoting the inclusion of arts education programs in organizations that serve older adults

2. Prepare teaching artists to develop the creative capacity of older adult learners

3. Foster lifelong learning in and through the arts by increasing opportunities for participation in community based programming


Lifetime Arts connects the people, funding, ideas and strategies necessary to increase the number and quality of arts education programs for older adults. Through a variety of services and initiatives, we provide practical support and resources to individuals and organizations that serve older adults or should serve them.  Lifetime Arts provides technical assistance, professional development, training and information services to support the design, funding and implementation of creative aging programs nationwide.

Creative aging workshops are anti-ageist, non-discriminatory, and succeed in enriching the lives of older adults because they are designed by professional teaching artists, include intentional social engagement and focus on building art-making skills over time.

Lifetime Arts is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate. We are doing the work to take our long-held anti-racist beliefs and turn them into intentional actions that impact our work and the way we run our organization.


Since 2008, Lifetime Arts has professionally developed and trained 6,000+ individuals and 350+ organizations across 9 sectors to design, fund, and implement diverse, high-quality arts education programs for older adults in their communities. 

To date, we have supported 770+ creative aging programs consisting of over 6,000 workshop sessions across 400+ sites in 42 states. Nearly 11,000 older adults learned artmaking skills, created new artworks and then shared their accomplishments through culminating events with over 23,000 community members.



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Lifetime Arts’ The Creative Aging Resource website is a free info hub populated with hand-curated resources covering creative aging research, media coverage, case studies, organizational and expert profiles.

We launched this site for the benefit of community educators, programmers, teaching artists, decision-makers, and funders entering or working in the field. This project is made possible through generous and continuous support from the E.A. Michelson Foundation and The New York State Council on the Arts, and The Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund.


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May and Stanley Smith Charitable Trust The New York State Council on the Arts
The New York State Office for the Aging Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund
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