Todd Allen

Todd Allen
Astoria, NY
Memoir, Poetry, Acting, Choral/Vocal Music, Improvisation, Instrumental Music, Drawing, Jewelry Design, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture
College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, K-12 Schools

I have taught at HANAC to elderly people. I teach them history of stained glass, American style v European, how to start from a drawing and through many procedures end up with a finished stained glass window. I make a power point presentation of all the history of stained glass, the different artists and their work, I show them sample drawings of windows that fit into their beginner style. Then I go through all the different procedures to make their very own stained glass window which they keep. I also worked for 10 years at a studio which had an apprenticeship with students from Europe. It was called Brooklyn Stained Glass Conservation Center. Focussing on conservation of Tiffany windows from a church we went through and did an actual complete restoration of the Tiffany window. I showed them correct conservation ethics and techniques and guided them through all the processes. For the past 3 years I was Master Craftsman and foreman at St. Patricks church on 51st Street in NYC. I completed the restoration of all the windows there with a crew of 8 under me, teaching them the correct way to perform conservation ethics and restoration on the Stained glass. We completed all of the windows in time for the Pope to visit the church.

I really enjoy teaching people an art form that the student would never think in a million years that they could learn and actually complete a project. I enjoy the one on one contact this teaching style and type of work allows. I enjoy seeing the happiness in their faces when they practice and finally figure out how do do something that seemed impossible, on each step of the process. I think it is great that people are now opened up to a new art form that when they see windows at their houses of worship can enjoy the deeper value and work that went into there beauty. IT is also great that at the end of my program each student has their own finished window.