Susan Louis

Susan Louis
Briarwood, NY
Collage, Fiber Arts, Quilting
Adult Day Care, After School Program, College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Hospital, Independent Living, K-12 Schools, Library, Senior Center

My passion for quilt making started quite innocently. I had taken a class just to fill in time but then one thing led to another. I was caught. I joined a quilting guild, started teaching at home and then in public schools, community and senior centers and privately, to name a few. I have worked with a large variety of populations, special education , seniors, children from kindergarten through high school, and intergenerational programs. For four years I was president of Empire quilters Guild, a Manhattan based group devoted to promoting all aspects of quilt making. My involvement with quilts has seen me through some very tough times, has fulfilled my need to be creative, and has connected me to many wonderful like-minded people. I was privileged to be able to teach quilting in Suzdal, Russia in 1994 and 1997. Later on I was involved in a quilt and quilters home exchange between French and American Quilters. I have had a number of my quilts accepted in judged and juried shows and have won a few ribbons.

Quilting is my passion. It is a pleasure working with seniors because they want to be in the class. It is the joy of sharing what I love with other like minded people. I not only enjoy the process of teaching but I myself get many ideas for my own work. While encouraging the sharing of ideas and past projects, a communal spirit is engendered so that each participant's work is respected irregardless of their skill level. I believe strongly in positive reinforcement and that the creative process is much more important than the end product. It is a way for me to validate my own process through helping others to recognize their own creativity. The social and communal aspect is also a motivator for me. I have made some wonderful and long lasting friends through my teaching. In preparing any program I am particularly sensitive to the limitations and deficits of the participants while keeping in mind their strengths and cultural and religious leanings along with other life experiences which I find to be a rewarding challenge. It is thrilling to see a person who thought they "couldn't do it", come up with a wonderful piece of work.