Judy Hoffman

Judy Hoffman
Brooklyn, NY
Ceramics/Pottery, Collage, Drawing, Fiber Arts, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Adult Day Care, After School Program, Assisted Living, College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Hospital, Independent Living, K-12 Schools, Library, Nursing Home, Senior Center
My artwork includes installation, sculpture (ceramic, found materials, handmade paper), and artist books. I have exhibited nationally/internationally including solo exhibitions at the Ceres and Space Galleries in New York; created many site-specific installations including ones at the Frauen Museum in Germany, Nutureart, Proteus Gowanus, Central Booking and Wave Hill in NYC. My artist books are in numerous public collections including the Brooklyn Museum, Rhode Island School of Design and the Yale University Library. I have been awarded grants from the Brooklyn Arts Council and Women's Studio Workshop.

Visual Artist Teacher (1994-present) • Taught art to thousands of students(including English language learners and special needs), teachers, artists, art specialists, parents, and adults in public schools, after school programs, arts organizations, community centers, senior centers, hospitals, and universities throughout New York City and metropolitan area. • Featured on teaching roster of ArtsConnection, Learning Through Art/ Guggenheim Museum Education Department, Studio in a School, City Lore, the New York City Ballet Education Department, Elders Share the Arts, City Lore, New York City Ballet Education Department, Brooklyn Arts Council; Greenwich House Senior Center and Carter Burden Center for the Aging.
I get a charge every time I open a door to a student's creativity. My goal is to create a safe atmosphere where everyone can explore, succeed and build community. Lessons are structured to engage hands, imagination, curiosity and intellect. The sense of delight, freedom, self-reliance and mastery that I have felt all my art making life is my touchstone for teaching. I want my students to experience the excitement in exploring materials and making images that I feel when I create art.

I am a visual artist and master teacher with extensive experience in a wide range of art mediums. I have worked successfully with people of all ages and needs and am dedicated to and passionate about the many possibilities of teaching and learning through the arts. I involve participants in lessons and innovative projects using an inquiry-based learning approach allowing for experimentation and personal expression. As I teach the principles of art, I combine hands on experiences with opportunities for thoughtful analysis and reflection. I model and engage students in creative and critical thinking, individual and collaborative work, exploration of art materials, reflection on process and problem solving, and celebration.