Cheryl Thomas

Cheryl Thomas
Brooklyn, NY
Instrumental Music, Storytelling
After School Program, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, K-12 Schools, Library, Senior Center
I, Cheryl Thomas, am a Shekere musician and performer, business owner, Musical Gourdologist, educator, Gourd instrument maker, and teaching artist for over thirty-five years. I offer Gourd-based researched curriculum programs that teach participants practical knowledge through educational, interactive, fascinating and fun hands-on projects, workshops, lecture/demonstrations, and classes. As a Teaching Artist, I have worked with ages and grades from Kindergarten to seniors in all five (5) boroughs of New York, as well as New Jersey and Connecticut. I have conducted one (1) time workshops to long-term workshops with seniors creating their own Gourd Rattle instrument, through various arts organizations such as Arts Horizons and Revels-Bey Music. I have also conducted my workshops through the New York Public, Brooklyn Public and Queens Borough Public Library systems. I conduct classes in the art and science of playing the Shekere, workshops in crafting of Shekeres and Rattles, and lecture/demonstrations, seminars, and series of the various Gourd items and instruments I have collected and hand-manufactured. My expertise is Musical Gourdology and I feel this would be an excellent subject matter for the various Adults 50 plus venues and its participants.
I enjoy being in the company of Adults 55+ where I can see, hear, feel, and respect the wisdom, beauty, and exchange of knowledge that comes from maturity.