Addie Boswell

Addie Boswell
Portland, OR
Fiction, Poetry, Collage, Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
After School Program, College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Hospital, K-12 Schools, Library

As a muralist and picture book author, my business is telling stories. My faith is in people, and the ordinary extraordinariness of their lives, and my art focuses on the places I\'ve lived and travelled and the people I meet. Themes revolve around community, shared work, growth, and a sense of place or season. Children--and their unique, often astonishing perspectives--are a constant source of inspiration, and much of my artwork has a playful, childlike exuberance to it. Sometimes my story ideas are filched directly from my students.

Originally an oil painter and printmaker, I am drawn to the disciplined process of color and layer, but the spirit of modern, recycled, and street art. I also have a strong practical bent that wants creativity to be useful. These are the reasons I gravitate to public art. I often create murals with large groups of people, acting as a visual problem-solver, teacher, choreographer, carpenter, community activist, and arts advocate, as well as a painter. Making murals is one of the most uplifting things I do. 

I prefer to teach in libraries, schools, and hospitals because these public institutions are our remaining truly democratic spaces. These venues allow me to work with a wide swath of humanity -- and variety always improves art. Older adults have their own strengths in the same way that young children do, especially a lifetime of experiences to draw from, which makes their artistic content richer. They also have the time to commit to and learn more specific skills, and are excited by collaboration.