Landmark $1.5M Grant Will Catalyze National Creative Aging Movement


New Rochelle, NY Lifetime Arts and Aroha Philanthropies announced today the launch of a new, three-year 1.5 Million National Impact Initiative, funded by Aroha and led by Lifetime Arts.

As the benefits of arts engagement for older adults gain recognition, more and more community organizations, policymakers and funders are turning to Lifetime Arts to provide the strategic guidance, tools and resources that they need to engage as creative aging stakeholders, including American Library Association, the National Guild for Community Arts Education, The New York Community Trust and the Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation.

Significant multi-year support from Aroha Philanthropies will enable Lifetime Arts to respond to the growing national demand for its services by building to scale over the next 3-5 years. It will strengthen and increase Lifetime Arts’ professional staff, aid in the development of a new on-demand, modular, learning portal allowing Lifetime to reach more communities across the nation with their customized training and support, improve and expand the organization’s communications capabilities, help support strategic national partnerships, and ensure the continued quality of Lifetime Arts’ capacity-building programs and resources.

In 2018, Lifetime Arts is already committed and funded to implement seven major capacity-building initiatives that will train hundreds of creative aging practitioners and seed over 100 creative aging workshop series. Aroha Philanthropies is delighted to partner with Lifetime Arts to advance the Vitality Arts movement nationwide in an effort to meet the growing national demand for training and capacity-building services in creative aging. This is Aroha’s third major engagement with Lifetime Arts, building on the success of their groundbreaking Seeding Vitality Arts initiative that currently has two cohorts of grantees running programs: Seeding Vitality Arts U.S. and Seeding Vitality Arts MN.

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