What We Do

Lifetime Arts connects the people, funding, ideas and strategies necessary to increase the number and quality of professional arts programs for older adults. By helping to develop policy, sharing best practices and providing expert technical assistance in the design, funding and implementation of creative aging programs, we help organizations and individuals build livable communities for all ages.

Lifetime Arts offers a variety of consulting and programming services, customized to meet the needs and budgets of organizations of any size. Contact us today to learn more!

Consulting Services

Lifetime Arts offers a variety of customized consulting services designed to help community and arts organizations establish and expand creative aging programs. Our team of cross-sector experts works in close collaboration with clients as partners to insure responsive, creative and realistic approaches to programming and organizational goals. Each program and project is considered in the context of infrastructure, needs and capacities of the individual organization.

Our approach is one that emphasizes social capital, resource development, inclusivity and an on-going assessment of the work. We specifically aim for institutional/ system level partnerships that can effect change on a large scale and at the local level. We work with our partners to identify common goals, use existing resources and avoid duplication of effort by sharing information.

Lifetime Arts’ team has conceived and implemented complex partnership projects in the museum and library, arts education, community cultural development, social services and education arenas. We have extensive experience in successfully taking projects from conception through development, funding, implementation, evaluation and replication. We have particular expertise in working at the institutional level to bring about change. The ever-evolving Lifetime Arts team is a unique alliance of arts and cultural programming experts, library professionals, communications and nonprofit experts who share a commitment to lifelong learning, community cultural development, and public service. Individually and institutionally, we have worked together in varying configurations and on a number of different projects over the past several years. To supplement our full time staff we hire consulting experts on a project basis.

Services include:

  • Training for service providers, artists, and administrators on the principles and best practices of effective creative aging programming.
  • Program Evaluation to identify challenges and recommend improvements in your current program offerings.
  • Promotion and outreach strategies and resources.
  • Strategic Planning and Program Implementation, including:
    • program planning and design;
    • project administration;
    • funding strategies;
    • community building strategies;
    • identification, referral and access to artists, arts organizations and other cultural and arts partners;
    • facility assessment (what will work in your spaces?);
    • creative aging resource identification and access.

Keynotes, Forums, and Panels

Lifetime Arts’ principals are frequently asked to present at, and participate in conferences, panels, forums, and professional meetings to share our methods and findings. Presentations vary in length anywhere from forty-five minutes to two hours, depending on the needs of the sponsoring organization. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Clients/Partners

Lifetime Arts’ clients and partners have included: