Teresa Olavarria

Teresa Olavarria
Dayton, OH
Ceramics/Pottery, Collage, Drawing, Jewelry Design, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture
Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Hospice, K-12 Schools, Library

My teaching experience began with  monthly art appreciation for elementary school children. Lessons exposed them to masterpieces and the vocabulary used to discuss and understand visual art and were followed by an art activity.
At the Dayton Art Institute Summer Art Camp I provided instruction in metal enameling, silkscreen printing, collage, mosaic, sculpture, painting and art appreciation to children and adolescents. I place the most emphasis on creativity and individual style. I also held one day workshops in enameling and stained glass for adults at the DAI.
At Rosewood Arts Center in Kettering I taught metal enameling to adults.  
At Thompson Enamel I demonstrated enameling techniques for the Ohio Valley Enameling Guild.
I worked with emotionally, mentally and physically challenged adults at We Care Arts on a craft project I designed and planned. My instructions were delivered verbally, demonstrated and accompanied by my written and illustrated step by step guide. The project allowed for embellishment so each piece could be personalized.
At Hospice of Dayton I assisted with art activities for an intergenerational bereavement group. I lead art activities for their youth camps and help facilitate discussions about their art.
Most recently I have been teaching drawing and collage classes at Dayton Metro Libraries through Creative Aging programs. Skill development, problem solving strategies and visual awareness are presented in an environment that encourages socialization and creativity.

One advantage of conducting classes in a community setting is that the lack of grades allows greater creative freedom in both participation and instruction. With fewer restrictions, social interaction becomes a key element in a recreational environment.
One of the challenges of teaching adults outside of academia is to provide lessons that meet the varied goals of people with a wider spectrum of experience, skill, ability and interests. Fortunately, the participants are generally eager to learn and tend to be more focused than less mature individuals. Providing a learning environment that engages the senses and encourages problem solving heightens my own self awareness while simultaneously making me feel more connected to my students.