Sharyn Farrell

Sharyn Farrell
Westbrook, CT
Acting, Dance/Movement, Media Arts
College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, K-12 Schools, Library, Senior Center

I am a longtime member of Shoreline Swing where I attend large public dances. I am an Instructor at these dances which are held at the East Lyme Community and Senior Center, in Connecticut. I am currently also an instructor at Vista Vocational Life Skills Center, in Madison, CT, for special needs students. In addition, I am listed with Arts for Learning/VSA, in Connecticut where I have taught in diverse settings. I am a long time member of the CT Library Consortium,, where I am listed as performer teaching ballroom dance and line dance. I am a Graduate of Gotta Dance Studio, Glastonbury, CT, where I was trained to teach ballroom dance. I am founder and director of Dancealife Productions, offering inspiring and entertaining dance classes for all age and abilities.....I have been featured for "House Calls" in Shoreline News, New Haven Register, and more. I have three yoga teacher certifications which helps me to connect what I do on all levels. I created an award winning film about the power of teamwork and have numerous acting credits in film and stage. I also have numerous dance choreography credits which may be seen on an alternate resume if desired. Thank you!

I am focused, and upbeat. People love my classes because I inspire fun and success. To deliver this type of instruction in community settings means more people are enjoying themselves and their lives in an accessible way. It is my joy to inspire students to bring out the best in themselves. I attract students that want to have fun. I have had much success with student on the autistic spectrum, as well. Ballroom Dance is great for social dynamics - it fosters the magic of dancing in partnership. Line dance is great exercise with space for creative expression. It is suitable for most ages and abilities which often attracts a large crowd. Thus, I believe this setting is perfect for what I teach. My professional training led me to found Dancealife Productions. As a self-employed performer, filmmaker, and instructor, the mission of Dancealife is to inspire and entertain. I have gained enormous experience with all ages, throughout the state, including older adults, at CT Libraries, and Senior Centers, Benefits, and Local Classes. I believe this type of setting will work. I also provide house calls to my dance students if they like. Dancealife House Calls have been noted in several news publications. It is a wonderful way to reach many people, including older adults, who otherwise may not have ventured to a dance studio or library class. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a featured artist with Lifetime Arts. Thank you.