scott klavan

scott klavan
Bronx, NY
Playwriting, Acting, Improvisation
Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Independent Living, Library, Senior Center

I am a longtime actor/writer/director, have appeared On and Off Broadway, on TV and the Web, and am a Lifetime Member of The Actors Studio. For the past ten years, I've been the Acting/Drama teacher for seniors- ages 55 to 100- for such organizations as the 92nd St. Y, JCC Manhattan, JASA, Central Queens Y, et al. I have taught thousands of classes for older adults and almost all of the programs have culminated in a public performance. Earlier, I was a Group Leader in the field of Drama Therapy, leading workshops for emotionally challenged teens and adults, at public schools, shelters and hospitals, alternative and charter schools. In addition, I taught creative writing and playwrighting for groups including Johns Hopkins University, am a published playwright and have directed Off Broadway. I was Script and Story Analyst for Paul Newman-Joanne Woodward, HBO, Viacom and other film and TV companies.

I enjoy teaching seniors because I know the students are there because they want to be there. They are pursuing something important, something they need; the students' creativity, enthusiasm and dedication is gratifying. I like the fact that the classes can provide something meaningful, can create positive change, for a person of any age. One student, a woman of 75, told me that she had been shy her whole life; after taking my classes, she wasn't shy any more. There is a mystery and a condescension that surrounds acting, and The Method. But much of it is nonsense. I know anyone can connect to dramatic material, express and perform it well. I have seen work in my class that I would put up there with the highest level of professional acting.  I am proud to add that four of my students were cast in the 2017 Public Theater's Shakespeare In The Park production of A Midsummer Night's Dream.  I learn from my students.