Saul Chernick

Saul Chernick
Brooklyn, NY
Ceramics/Pottery, Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture
After School Program, College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, K-12 Schools
Saul Chernick, (BFA RISD, MFA Rutgers University) is a visual artist and educator. He has worked as a public school teacher and teaching artist throughout New York City. He has taught courses for Baruch College, The Cooper Union, Parson's School of Design, and the Museum of Modern Art. As an expert in the field of art education he has provided professional development training for art educators at the Joan Mitchell Foundation and the Dreamyard Project. His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums including the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, the Bronx Museum of Art, the Jewish Museum as well as Rush Arts, Max Protetch, Meulensteen, and Senior & Shopmaker Galleries in New York City.
I have often found seniors to be the most exciting students to work with because they bring an incredible combination of life experience, intellectual curiosity and openness into the studio classroom. Seniors in our communities are, all too often, unrecognized, underserved, and underestimated. As an educator it's important that my work contributes to society in meaningful ways and I see working with seniors as a profound opportunity to do just that. I've had the privilege of managing the Joan Mitchell Foundation's Senior Art Program, which served the residents of Queensbridge at the Jacob Riis Settlement House from 2012-2016 and I've also worked with many seniors through continuing education classes I've taught in the past decade. It's very exciting to help people reconnect to their creative selves and open new channels for self-expression. I've gained so much from my interactions with senior students and continue to be inspired by the inventive and thought provoking work I've seen them create. For these reasons, I am seeking more opportunities to work more deeply with seniors.