Sarah-Jane Lapp

Sarah-Jane Lapp
Fiction, Non-Fiction, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Creative Non-Fiction, Painting, Drawing, Media Arts
K-12 Schools, After School Program, College/University, Library
Artist Trust Northwest FilmForum

Screening venues include: Lincoln Center Film Society The Jewish Museum The Smithsonian Berlin Bundestag British Film Institute SXSW Film Festival Walker Art Center Folkwang Museum Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art

City Arts, Teaching Artist 2013 Seekonk Public Library, Teaching Artist 2013 (Funded by Mass Cultural Council/Seekonk Arts Council) Wellesley College, Visiting Faculty, Spring Semester 2011 Harvard College, Visiting Faculty, Spring Semester 2010 Seattle Art Museum, Teaching Artist, 2009
When I teach I advocate strongly for visual ideation, divergent thinking, and multi-disciplinary creation strategies. In our creative refuge we use unexpected tools of translation for our imagination. Said tools – whether ink drawings, musical scores, storyboards, animatics, or index cards - inspire mental plasticity and risk-taking, technically, intellectually, emotionally. Students will share orange crayons, lead alpha-wave meditation, work with white butcher paper, use the floor, do calisthenics, create animal gestures (from narwhal to nuthatch), and generate phone trees. We find the joy of process and celebrate individual creative cycle and articulation. We learn to manage the specific anxieties of production – whether emotional or technical, solo, partnered, or with crew; every class involves both mental and technical troubleshooting – as a group we discuss the blocks that emerge and as a group we brainstorm how to solve these issues. This brain trust requires Trust. I seek to cultivate and model emotional intelligence, appreciation and mindfulness. I use social bonding exercises as well as Participation Agreements. These agreements foregroundsour best intentions as a group and also create a safe space for production where we relegate what we don’t want to the perimeters – violence, disaster, unnecessary suffering. The creation of this contract demonstrates what I wish for our class – a diffuse, shared power structure, an infusion of kid-level tech (markers, paper), play, and the thrill of seeking delicious language, visual/aural/literary…