Roy B Brinker

Roy B Brinker
Pattsburgh, NY
Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Library, Senior Center

I have also been teaching drawing classes to all ages at the Strand Center for the Arts, and have taught similar classes to home schooled children through their 4H group. At the Adirondack Artists Guild juried show in 2012 and happily received the Best In Show award, which lead to a show in their alcove. In 2013 I had the opportunity to teach a Creative Aging drawing class in partnership with the The Paine Free Memorial Library at the local senior center, and enjoyed that very much.   

People of all ages are often discouraged from drawing, this robs especially older adults from a very fulfilling activity, that can open them up to an incredible sportive community of amateur and professional artists. Drawing from life can be learned and enjoyed by anyone, and the hardest person to convince of this fact is yourself. I take great pleasure in walking students through spontaneous gesture drawings of seemingly difficult objects, and giving them surprising results.