Patricia Campbell

Patricia Campbell
Newtown, CT
English, French
After School Program, Assisted Living, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Independent Living, K-12 Schools, Library, Senior Center

My main focus is Traditional Community Dance, whether for many different schools, Girl Scout dances, local community organizations, birthdays, anniversaries, or unique special occasions. This includes circle, square, and longways (contra-style) dances, and International Folk Dances. I also lead historical dances for re-enactors, libraries, and historical societies as well as school residencies.

All my work is participatory - designed to be highly enjoyable, easy for beginners, and to bring people together, incorporating live music.

Based in Western CT, I travel throughout New England, NY, and NJ. I’ve had Introductory Teacher Training in Dance for PD (Parkinson’s) as well as Introductory Teacher Training for Agile Aging (Movement Academy Project).

Highlights of dances I’ve led include: Bethel, CT Senior Center, a weekly class for over 7 years; Housatonic Valley Waldorf School, Newtown, CT, 8-week residencies in Fall and Spring of Traditional Social Dances, grades 2-8; Danbury Senior Center, CT, 8-week session of "Traditional Historic Social Dance”; multiple Father-Daughter Girl Scout Dances; Dance programs at senior residential facilities; New Fairfield Senior Center, CT.

The combination of traditional music and dance (movement) is vital for all ages. Some of the most rewarding programs I lead are intergenerational in nature, including ones I've done for senior centers and independent living facilities. I’ve seen the joy that seniors experience when dancing as in square and folk dancing, especially when adapted to their abilities. In 2011, I arranged for a small 5th and 6th grade from a local private school where I lead dancing to come to the ongoing, weekly, hour-long square dance program I lead at a local senior center, and the result was wonderful for both groups. My background in Special Education and my years of experience calling/leading many types of traditional dance with a variety of groups give me a strong foundation to work from. I use this knowledge and my experience to adapt and revise my programs to fulfill the needs of the group and to ensure success and a fun experience for all. I feel a strong commitment to the preservation of our Traditional Dance and Music heritage and to bringing the experience of it to others. There are so many tremendous benefits to participating in traditional dance - physical, mental, emotional, and social.