Leona Hull

Leona Hull
Bronx, NY
Creative Non-Fiction, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Playwriting, Acting, Dance/Movement, Improvisation, Storytelling, Media Arts
Adult Day Care, After School Program, College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Independent Living, K-12 Schools, Library, Nursing Home, Rehabilitation Center, Senior Center

I study dance/theatre & performed at Lehman College under the guidance of Professor Joan Miller (Ballet/ Horton/Graham/Jazz). I studied with the masters in West African dance & became a member in their companies (Chuck Davis, Ladji Camara). I received a scholarships at the New Dance Group Dance Studios, Sound In Motion Dance Studios and Alvin Ailey American Center There I studied with the master in Afro Caribbean “Jean-Leon Destine,” Afro Cuban “Polly Rodgers,” and Afro Brazilian “Mercedes Bapists”. I gain my theatre experience studying acting at Lehman College, and studying the Lee Strasberg/Stanislavsky technique. I gain my acting and theatre experiences by also being part of East Harlem Productions, Theatre for the Forgotten, The New Federal Theatre, 127th Street Repertory Ensemble, and the Paul Roberson Theatre.

I believe in giving my students the total Theater experience weather its dance or acting. I am skilled in teaching Dance, Drama, and Theatre Arts. In Dance, I can teach Ballet, Modern Dance (Horton/Graham), Jazz (Fosse), West African Dance, Afro Caribbean, Brazilian, Cuba, Line Dancing and Dance Therapy. In Drama, I teach the method acting technique, improvisation, and Theatre games. In Theatre Arts, I teach the art of theatre production, what goes into making a play (staging, lighting, props, & costumes). I began teaching Mature Adults with Hospital Audiences in dance therapy and I have worked at NYCHA Senior Centers for the performing Arts projects, Co-op City Senior Center and Lifetime Arts in Westchester. My approach to teaching is giving it your best, so! You make a mistake its okay, because you will learn that there are no mistakes in creativity.