Kim McCormack

Kim McCormack
Katonah, NY
Poetry, Memoir, Creative Non-Fiction, Dance/Movement, Storytelling, Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Collage, Sculpture, Media Arts, Photography, Ceramics/Pottery, Jewelry Design, Fiber Arts, Quilting
English, Other
K-12 Schools, Hospital, Adult Day Care, After School Program, Assisted Living, College/University, Community Center, Hospice, Independent Living, Library
Workshop Leader for the Kennedy Center, Education Advisor to the Bhutan Foundation and the Ministry of Education in Bhutan,Co-chair of the Exhibit and Design Committee for the Westchester Children's Museum

Special Education and the Arts in Bhutan, presentation, Kendal on Hudson, Sleepy Hollow NY, October 2011 Creative Displays, Creative Curiosity, November 2011 "Lessons from Bhutan - Embrace Cultural Differences to Effect Change", co-authored, published in the Journal of Staff Development, April 2011

Founder of Creative Curiosity Inc; providing 35 years of professional development and teaching artist programming to assist in the development of creative and creative thinking skills for school districts, Universities, Museums and community organizations worldwide. Creative Tutoring; private clients with dementia, autism, downs syndrome 2009 - present The Kingdom of Bhutan and the Bhutan Foundation; Education Advisor,Professional Development Specialist and U.S. Senior Administrator for the Special Education Project, 2005 - present Bedford School District; Consultant for curricular based creative learning, K - HS, Teaching Artist and Professional Development, 1990 - present Mamaroneck School Distric; Special Education Department Consultant, Professional Development Specialist, Teaching Artist, 2010 - present Meadow Pond Elementary School, Community Planning Designing and Building with Recycled Materials, 1st Grade, Teaching Artist, 2011 - present
I am a highly creative person, with a passion to ignite, inspire and develop a curiosity for and creativity in learning and life for others. As the founder of Creative Curiosity Inc, I have devoted myself to education and arts integration, understanding how individuals best learn, engaging them to enjoy and retain what they learn, while teaching them new ways to express their learning. The focus of Creative Curiosity is to help people of all ages to understand their own innate creativity and appreciate their ability to make connections, problem solve, develop their imagination and learn to envision new ideas and possibilities. The programs I have developed strengthen the participants’ abilities to think creatively and help people learn to express themselves freely in a safe and supportive environment. I lead participants through a series of hands-on explorations allowing and encouraging them to easily access and explore their own innate creativity while strengthening their brains agility at the same time. These programs are exceptional for students with special needs including adults with dementia. The work I have done with the elderly is to help them find joy in their creative spirit while expressing their ideas and at the same time exercising their brain to keep it agile and ready to learn. I have over 30 years of experience working with diverse populations, finding great success working with people with special needs. Since the beginning of my career I have worked with older adults- bringing a gentle, compassionate approach while stimulating and engaging a passion for learning and expressing. I am currently running programs, leading museum visits and providing private tutoring for older adults.