Josh Millis

Josh Millis
Bronx, NY
Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Collage, Sculpture, Photography, Media Arts
K-12 Schools, After School Program, College/University, Community Center, Library
Visiting Professor –- Pratt Institute, 2008-Present, Brooklyn, NY Supervise student art teachers and lead seminar to examine issues and best practices of teaching art; Teach foundations of teaching art, lesson planning, materials, and assessment Teaching Artist — Studio In a School, 2005-Present, New York, NY Teach comprehensive and multi-media art creation, process, and concepts; Develop K-12 curricula, including assessment consistent with the Arts Blueprint for NYC public schools; Curate and install exhibitions; Train teaching artists; Lead professional developments for NYC teachers and literacy coaches; Teaching includes differentiation for special needs Teaching Artist — Queens Museum of Art, 2006-Present, Queens, NY Teach comprehensive and multi-media art creation, process, and concepts, including assessment in NYC public schools; Develop and teach comprehensive art camp programs for museum education, studio creation, and field trips; Lead and supervise college and high school interns; Curate and install exhibitions; Teaching includes differentiation for special needs Teaching Artist – Lifetime Arts, 2010-Present, New York, NY Develop and teach curricula for senior citizens in partnership with community libraries; Curate and install exhibitions Teaching Artist, Camp Director — Yale Child Study Center, 2002-2005, New Haven, CT Taught visual arts classes in CT public school and community center, curated and installed exhibitions; Developed and directed art summer camp, trained youth counselors, coordinated and led field trips to city museums and attractions; Teaching included differentiation for special needs Visual Arts Teacher—Connecticut State Scholars Academy, 2005, New Haven, CT Taught foundations of visual arts to CT public high school students; Developed and implemented curriculum; Prepare students with vocabulary and lens through which to engage art practice and theory Substitute Teacher, Teaching Assistant—The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, 2003, Chicago, IL Conducted individual and group critiques; Instructed students in materials, techniques, history, and theory; Prepared and led slide presentations Painting Teacher-- Green Street Arts Center, 2005, Middletown, CT Taught adult painting class; Instructed students in foundations of painting, theory, history, and contemporary art issues; Led individual and group critiques
Making art, as well as experiencing art, teaches us about who we are and how we relate to the world around us. Older adults represent a vital and unique perspective that has no substitute. Their creative expression of the human experience should be celebrated and contemplated by all generations. As an artist, I feel privileged to be a part of their artistic journeys.