John Mendelsohn

John Mendelsohn
New York, NY
Drawing, Painting
College/University, Community Center, K-12 Schools

I am painter based in New York, and an adjunct professor in the Studio Art Program at Fairfield University. I also lead an art workshop in the Roosevelt Island Senior Center. I have written about contemporary art for many publications and contributed to "A Book of Symbols: Reflection on Archetypal Images" published by Taschen.

My paintings have been exhibited extensively in New York and beyond. My work can be view at

I really enjoy teaching, and derive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing students work creatively in a way that they never knew they were capable of. To be engaged in helping people realize their own expressive capacities has been a wonderful experience. 

Through Lifetime Arts, in 2013 I lead an art workshop for seniors offered by the New York Public Library branch on Roosevelt Island in New York. It was an extremely gratifying to see the participants really enjoy the projects that I designed. They required no experience, and used techniques that are easy to get started with. The aim was to have projects that are accessible and engaging, challenging and exciting.

As a source of visual ideas, I show examples of the work of artists from a wide range of cultures. I want everyone to be able to enjoy the process, and see possibilities unfold before their eyes. I believe that each student can develop their own personal artistic vision in every project that they are engaged in.

After the initial Lifetime Arts program, I was asked to continue the art workshops at the Roosevelt Island Senior Center. We have created three communal art projects in that are now permanently installed in the center. Participants have created a wide variety of individual projects in painting and collage. I see them really enjoying making art in an environment that really encourages social interaction.

I very much look forward to continuing to work with older adults in a wide variety of settings.