Humberto Chavez

Humberto Chavez
New York, NY
Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting
English, Spanish, French, Italian
Community Center, Senior Center
Mamaroneck Artists Guild

Please refer to my Resume enclosed with my application.

Most student say that they cannot draw. paint, or possess any artistic skills. My response to them is that all humans can express themselves visually if they begin to make marks on a surface without worrying whether they have artistic skills or knowledge. I assure them that there is nothing mysterious or complicated about art making or viewing art. I teach students basic elements of art and design: visual field; point; line; form; texture; the circle, the square, the triangle; figure-ground relationship; color. I give them simple hands-on exercises throughout the course that strengthen their visual sensitivity for form and expression. I provide them with examples of basic elements that apply to every exercise. Students fully engage in the use of materials and tools to express inner visions they never before realized by them. I give each student my personal attention, carefully listening to their stories related to their background, interests, preferences, etc., addressing any questions, doubts or concerns that arise, and guiding them in the choice of tools and materials available to express themselves. As students develop their creative potential for self-expression I make sure they become aware of their personal style, which makes them feel self-assured and confident. Also, working as a team strengthens their spirit of social participation and camaraderie and motivates them to engage in the art-making experience and in-class discussion.