Frances Perrone

Frances Perrone
Staten Island, NY
Painting, Drawing, Collage, Sculpture, Ceramics/Pottery, Jewelry Design
K-12 Schools, Adult Day Care, After School Program, Community Center, Independent Living, Library
1997 Tokyo New York Ceramic Competition, NYC 1998 Faculty Show, Elsa Mott Ives Gallery, NYC 1999 Visions of New York, Empire State Building Gallery, NYC 2000 Group Mixed Media Exhibition, Galapogos Art Space, Brooklyn,NY 2008 Wearable Art Exibition, Franklin 54 Gallery, NYC 2013 Around My Way, ICS Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Museum of Arts and Design, 1994-1998, Education Associate,Teaching Consultant Craft Students League, 1999-2005, Program Manager, School Director, Educator Elder Craftsmen, 2006-2007, Director of Community Service Programs, Educator Independance Care System,2012-Present, Art Instructor, Consultant
The process of creating art inherently influences our development physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually at any age. It allows us to visually work through and express ideas, thoughts, needs, emotions and reflect on positive or negative stimulus around us. As an art educator, I believe it is my job in general to provide a venue for creative expression by presenting information about art history, materials and techniques to assist people through their own process and discovery. When working specifically with an older adult population, I seek not only to teach a technique or aid in development of a skill but to encourage experimentation, comradery, sharing of ideas and problem solving while hoping to stimulate, inspire and preserve cognitive and fine motor ability. Our older adult population brings unique perspective to the art table from a lifetime of experience, thus it is not only my favorite population to work with, it is my privilege. My professional background is mostly in arts administration. I directed a major art school for adults for over 8 years. Throughout my career, I’ve worked as an art educator in museums settings, senior centers and school settings mainly teaching adults. I currently teach art to adults with disabilities and senior citizens at Independence Care System (ICS) in Brooklyn. I have studied art education and was trained in painting and ceramics and at SUNY New Paltz. Through my experience working with older adults, I have found it is important to provide an expressive outlet for them to share their life long experiences. For many older adults, socializing with the group while taking part in the process of making art is an invaluable part of the experience. I typically try to incorporate all the styles of how people learn into the way I teach. I do tend to use demonstration and modeling but place great emphasis on individual exploration and discovery. My lessons involve the use of a variety of materials and techniques and often reflect nature, art and culture from around the world or our individual journeys in some way. My lessons can extend for several weeks, moving through one idea with the use of different materials. I seek to provide a fun, creative and open environment. Creating and connecting with others are basic parts of the human experience that should be celebrated an encouraged at all ages.