Dana Squires

Dana Squires
Olympia, WA
Collage, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Correctional Facilities, Independent Living, K-12 Schools, Library, Senior Center
Wa State Arts Commission Roster of Teaching Artists Association of Teaching Artists Teaching Artist Training Lab, Seattle WA Seattle Teaching Artist Network First International Teaching Artist Conference, Oslo Norway

ArtXchange, Seattle Wall of Art, form/space atelier, Seattle. Anonymous Drawings, Blütenweiss, Berlin, Germany Project Creo, The Arts Center, St Petersburg, Florida. Sandwich Show, 10 Thousand MPH Gallery, London, England. Procreation/Postcreation, Pridi Banomyong Institute, Bangkok, Thailand. South Sounds Annual Juried Show, Commencement Gallery, Tacoma, WA 2013: Chinese Bowls on Indian Textiles, Ovation Academy, Dupont, WA New Drawings, Artworks Gallery, Seattle Leaf and Twig, Public art installation Funded by The City of Olympia Magnolia as a Spice, TreeWalk Installation, funded by Cambium Arts, Seattle.

I have work on projects at these organizations as a Teaching Artist: The Evergreen State College, Olympia WA 2010-2014 Charles Wright Academy, Tacoma, WA 2013-2015 Independent Breast Cancer Support Group, Olympia WA 2010-2013 Ovation Academy, Dupont WA 2010-12 Olympia School District 2008-14
My goal as an arts educator is to provide a rich environment where students can explore and find their own solutions, a process-oriented path that allows the participants to look at things from different perspectives, develop innovative thinking, and to solve problems creatively while gaining confidence in themselves. I challenge learners to be observers in the world around them and to examine what they see, explore, to find their own way, and ultimately translate their personal impressions into something entirely different – be it drawing, painting, or..? Although I focus primarily on drawing and painting in the classroom or workshops, teaching art is not all about drawing skills. I feel I can provide a look at, and guidance in, shall we say… thinking like an artist. I focused on helping the participants identify and develop their own voice along side the how-to-do it side. Over the years my personal artist practice has evolved to include Teaching Artistry. I see working with others in a creative way not as an addition to doing art, but as a continuation of the same creative process. I routinely attend professional training workshop through such places as the Seattle Art Museum, Seattle Teaching Artist Network, Teaching Artist Training Lab, Community of Thinkers, and have trained in inclusive environments creation for the disabled. Along with other adults and student populations, I have worked with breast cancer patients and adult English as a Second Language learners.