Carrie Stern

Carrie Stern
Brooklyn, NY
Poetry, Dance/Movement, Quilting
K-12 Schools, After School Program, College/University, Community Center, Library
Cultural Studies Association, Congress on Research in Dance, NYC Arts in Education Roundtable, National Dance Education Association, Association of Teaching Artists, Past memberships include: American Studies Association, Society of Dance History Scholars, Popular Culture Association

1. Brooklyn Eagle “Dance Brooklyn,” Reviews, interviews, and commentary on dance in Brooklyn, 2006-present. (search carrie stern; next screen unclick everything but “author” change search word to stern.) 2. Dancer Magazine (no longer published), contributor, 2008-2010 3. Dance Teacher Magazine, freelance contributor, since 2007 4. Dance Magazine, freelance contributor, 2004-2005 5. Carrie Stern and David Appel, “David, you said…,” FLIC Fest Cabaret, Irondale Center, 2011 6. Improvisation, Spoke the Hub, 2006-2010 7. Carrie Stern and Jessica Nicoll, “Green Crossings,” music by Joel David Hickman, 60X60, Winter Garden World Financial Center, 2008 8. Chicago Public Library video purchase, Three Chicago Dances, (Chicago dances supported by grants from The Illinois Arts Council and The Chicago Public Library) 1985 9. Martha Bowers/Dance Theater Etcetera, “Angels and Accordions,” Greenwood Cemetery, 2010, 2006 10. David Appel, “Bed of Roses”, Movement Research at Judson Church, 2009

1. Yo! Poetry:Student generated and performed poetry/music/dance. Created with musician Jessica Lurie. Dance Teaching Artist including Professional Development, Administrator including grants. Currently in P.S. 3, Brooklyn and MS 131/ESL, Manhattan. Brooklyn Arts Council funding, 2009-2011 2. Orchestra of St. Luke’s, dance Teaching Artist, Grades 3-5, Professional Development and Curriculum writing, School Liaison, 2001-Present 3. Citylore, Ballroom dance Grade 5, PS 11, Brooklyn, 2009 4. The Play’s the Thing, Student written and directed plays based on U.S. history curriculum. Teaching Artist and Administrator including grant writing, Grade 5, P.S. 29, Brooklyn. School/Arts Partnership, NYSCA funding, 2005 5. Henry St. Settlement, Quilt project: Interviewing as Story-telling, Intergenerational multi-arts project, Grade 5, P.S. 261, and Bishop Maguvero Center-Geriatric, Brooklyn, 2000, 2001
Improvising frees students to explore concepts, find what they know, and what they need to know before gathering ideas into guided compositions, much as they learn to brainstorm during the writing process. Dance composition gives students the powerful experience of commanding their body solving physical problems in space, time, shape, and design, creating sequence and structure. It allows them to make connections to concepts that may elude them—verbs become physicalized; physics explains why it’s so hard to walk a circle’s circumference. Working together they must problem solve; shy students find their voice, leaders are born, and stubborn or bossy students learn to compromise. One of the richest experiences of my life, in 2000 and 2001, was to prepare fifth grade students to interview elders living in a nursing home. Together, the students and I drew up a questionnaire practicing how to ask questions, to lead a discussion. With the elders students developed rich tales of the past reading to a story quilt (directed by a visual artist with my help.) It was my job to help the students realize the limits of their elder partners and to help them graciously adjust. Teaching ballroom to seniors was equally rewarding. I did not realize that elder dancers have danced their own way for years. It was up to me to improvise a way to teach while still letting them lead. Teaching college to returning adult students helped me see how experience brings a richness to learning even when there are problems juggling life and college.