Anne Krocak

Anne Krocak
Cologne, MN
Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Collage, Sculpture, Ceramics/Pottery, Jewelry Design
K-12 Schools, Hospital, Adult Day Care, After School Program, Assisted Living, Community Center, Hospice, Independent Living, Library
COMPAS, MNCAAN, VSA MN, VSA DC National, WARM, VSA Teaching Artists/Perpich Center for the Arts, Artsage, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Betta Kappa - National,

Cover of Fall 2012 magazine, M.S. Society Upper Midwest Chapter - Exhibitions 2002-2013 Waterfall Gallery, Hennepin County Government Center, Minneapolis, MN Changing Landscape, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, Smithsonian Portrait Gallery - temporary instillation, Vision Loss Resource, Minneapolis, MN Coffman Union, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN Rochester Art Center Gallery, Rochester, MN Sold on Art-II, Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis, MN 2002 Wonder Woman Tackle Art! Distilo Gallery, Minneapolis, MN Exemplars of Excellence, Jean Stephen Galleries, Minneapolis, MN one of four who wrote publication/teaching artist manual for Artsage 2014

2011-present Lyngbolomsten– Designed Curriculum and teach ongoing watercolor, drawing, charcoal Drawing, mosaic and Acrylic Classes for seniors – Intergenerational Projects in the Summer. 2010 – 2014 MnCANN/Artsage Art Residencies/COMPAS Senior Art Residencies – Created Curriculum and taught nine Memory Tiles and Mosaic Residencies in Senior Living Sites around the Twin Cities Metro area. Worked as lead artist and trained other artist to work with the senior population. 2014- Wrote teaching artists/organizational manual for Artsage training with 3 other leaders in the field 2003 – 2008 Gifted and Talented Institute/ Burnsville Community Education - Burnsville, Eagan, Lakeville Schools - Taught 4 -16year olds seminars in Drawing, Painting, Art History and Ceramics. 1999- 2000 Work Opportunities Center- (Alternative School), Minneapolis, MN – Started and taught art and ceramics program to alternative students 1995 -1998 Patrick Henry High School/Adult Education Teacher, Minneapolis, MN – Started ceramics department, taught all art courses and served as art teacher/resource/special education teacher.
Bringing high quality artistic experiences to older adults is my passion. I see my grandmother and father in each of the individuals I have the pleasure of working with and love watching them explore art, find beauty in themselves and what they can create! My teaching philosophy is that everyone is capable of learning and growing while engaging in the creative process. One of the first things I do in all of my classes is explain that everyone in our class will be called an artist. This gives a sense of importance and credibility to their work. The journey of creating is as important as the outcome. I work hard to create a safe, loving, open place to take risks, share and make friends. All artist participants should leave my class having learned something new, attained success and have made a larger community of friends. I have lead 20+ senior art residencies in number of sites I visit some on a weekly basis. I have been trained and lead presentations for VSA MN, COMPAS, The University of MN, Artsage, MnCAAN and VSA National in DC. I have worked with Artsage, to write a curriculum/workbook for their mentorship program for teaching artists and organizations wanting to work in the senior community. I have also mentored over 20+ teaching artists in learning the skills in working with older adults. Art is my passion and I love sharing it to help others open to the possibility that they have great creative talent too!