Anna Upston

Anna Upston
Greenlawn, NY
Acting, Choral/Vocal Music, Fiber Arts
English, French
Assisted Living, College/University, Arts/Cultural Organizations, Community Center, Hospital, Independent Living, K-12 Schools, Library, Nursing Home, Rehabilitation Center, Senior Center

I am the founding owner and textile artist of Maupston Design Studio LLC, creating fine artisanal handspun yarn and textile art. My practice has gone from a single artist selling in a local yarn shop to a roster of 4-6 artists selling at competitive art and craft shows and markets all around the New York City area. Selected as a Tastemaker for Martha Stewart Omnimedia's "American Made Market" and recently highlighted in CBS Watch Magazine, April 2014.

2008-present: founding owner and lead artist, Maupston Design Studio, teaching students from children to seniors textile design, handspinning technique and crochet. 2012-present: Music Teaching to Young Children, RIverdale Presbyterian Church Nursery School and Marble Hill Nursery Schools, Bronx, NY 1996-2011, Individual Vocal and Piano Instruction, children and adults

As a textile artist, I try to push the line between craft and art, believing that there cannot be one without the other. I find inspiration for my work in unconventional, recycled and "up cycled" material sources, dramatic textures, local as well as exotic fibers, and above all, saturated color. As a teacher for over 20 years, I take enormous pride in providing instruction that is clear, well organized, and positively celebrates the accomplishments of the student, no matter the age. It is my responsibility as an instructor to treat each student as a creative individual, and to be flexible enough to explain skills and concepts in many different ways. I love to see technical skill (craft) and creative inspiration (art) nurtured and expressed in increasingly advanced forms whether in the world of music or art. As a classically trained opera singer, I found my way to visual art when I became a mother. My longtime hobby of handspinning sprang into a business, and above all an art form. I found that the creative processes of art and music are inherently linked. In the musical venue, I express myself with sound and drama, in the visual arts, I express myself with color and structure.