Lifetime Arts Partners with Aroha Philanthropies to Launch “Seeding Vitality Arts MN”

May 23, 2017

Ed Friedman

NEW ROCHELLE, NY – Lifetime Arts, the nationally recognized leader in Creative Aging, and Aroha Philanthropies have launched a statewide grant opportunity for Minnesota: “Seeding Vitality Arts MN“. This new initiative will build the capacities of organizations in the state of Minnesota to develop successful creative aging programs. The Minnesota-based initiative has two major components:

  • A FREE creative aging professional development workshop offered as a service to Minnesota nonprofit organizations interested in learning about this growing field and the value of arts education for older adults.
  • A competitive grant opportunity that will seed arts education programs for older adults throughout Minnesota. Participation in the workshop is a prerequisite to applying for grant funding.

Lifetime Arts will provide grantees and their arts and community partners with training on the design, development, implementation and sustainability of creative aging programs. They will also provide hands-on technical assistance in all programmatic aspects throughout the two-year project.

Grantees will collaborate with Aroha to document their effectiveness and share that information widely in order to:

  • Demonstrate the power and impact of creative aging programs to a broad audience at both a national and statewide level.
  • Encourage organizations that already serve older adults to develop arts programs and equip organizations that have art programs to serve older adults.
  • Disseminate successful program implementation models.

About Lifetime Arts

Founded in 2008, Lifetime Arts is a nonprofit arts service organization that offers a positive, modern, artistic and social lens through which to serve, inspire and engage America’s growing population of older adults. Lifetime Arts works nationally to improve the quality of life of older adults through arts education. It offers innovative programming and provide practical support to arts and community organizations, libraries, senior residential facilities and others who serve older adults. Lifetime Arts builds the capacity of these organizations to respond to the changing needs and interests of today’s aging population. It helps develop programs that actively engage older adults in arts learning; build new social networks; and create community partnerships to support positive aging.

About Aroha Philanthropies

Aroha Philanthropies is devoted to the transformative power of the arts and creativity, inspiring vitality in those over 55, joy in children and youth, and humanity in adults with mental illness. They believe that learning, making, and sharing art enriches everyone throughout their lifetime. Aroha Philanthropies works to improve the quality of life of people 55+ by encouraging the funding, development, and proliferation of arts programs designed to enhance longer lives, and by advancing the development of professional teaching artists working with those in their encore years. More information is available at and

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